David included in British GQ’s 100 Most Connected Men in Britain

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Innovation Art’s Founder and CEO David Christie was featured in GQ’s first ever “100 Most Connected Men In Britain” feature last Thursday. Identifying David as both a “connector” and “influencer”, the article states:

Often called the management consultant of the future, Christie’s company InnovationArts is involved in a vast number of projects across the British corporate firmament, including for BT and Swiss Re. But his real connections come through his work for thought leaders, from Imperial College to TED to global policy initiatives; and he runs connecting workshops at the financial elite’s equivalent of the Glastonbury Festival: the World Economic Forum at Davos.

The list was drawn up by GQ editor Dylan Jones who said about the article: ‘The era of traditional, top-down power is over; connection is the new influence and today’s achievers operate via a free-flowing exchange of ideas, using social media and personal networks to create value and understanding.”

David’s inclusion as both a ‘Connector’ and ‘Influencer’ in the article is outlined in the article as follows:

Influencer: They are widely admired and followed. Sports stars, cultural

Connector: An enabler. They introduce others, they are “helpers” and “givers”.

The list aims to identify men exercising influence by their networking not only in politics, but the media, business, sports, PR and culture.



To see the full list in action, click here.