Our Infomural finds a home at the London Transport Museum

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


Back in July, our Think & Visualise team had the pleasure of working with Arup and TFL to bring the future of transport to life during the Transported By Design Festival on Regent’s Street. Today, you can find our Infomural in it’s new home in the front entrance of the London Transport Museum.

The full-colour Infomural can be found just right of the front doors of the museum. Created live over the course of the one-day event, it captures the cumulative vision of thousands of participants. During the festival, attendees where asked “What will transport in London look like in 2040?”. Participants shared visions of a greener, more connected and sustainable world – with the occasional hover car thrown in for good measure. These ideas are elaborated upon in the text surrounding the infomural within the museum.

The festival was a wonderful opportunity for us to work with the public as a whole.  We can’t be happier to be included in the London Transport Museum!

Innovation Arts Infomural for TFL

Photo: Innovation Arts Infomural at the London Transport Museum.

Capturing Shell’s Making The Future Accelerator

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Last week we attended Shell’s Make The Future Festival at the Olympic Park here in London. The festival brought more than 30,000 people together to share ideas and innovation for the future of global energy.

The Shell Accelerator was a one-day event during the festival that accelerated thinking and team-building through collaborative workshops interspersed with engaging talks and pitches from keynote speaker. We sent James and Jordana over to capture the content from the Shell Accelerator through graphic recording.


If you want to read more about the event or see some of the amazing exhibitions that featured click over to their website here:


TBDFest – we join Arup & TFL on Regent Street!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

How do you suppose a four-year-old might envision transportation for London in 2040? If you suspected flying cars, bubble buses and bunny scooters you are remarkably right. We asked four-year-olds, 90-year-olds and everyone in between that very question at Transported By Design – a TFL festival that took over Regent Street this past Sunday.

The festival was part of an ongoing initiative to educate and involve the public in the design of TFL services. It presented TFL designs from the past and present and imagined how these designs might be reinvented for the future. Partnering with ARUP, we brought public projections of the future to life with graphic recording.

We asked the public carefully crafted questions about how transport might look in 2040 and as the answers came in, we got to work! Scribes Jordana and James captured the individual ideas in two tessellated grids, while Eddie distilled the information into one incredible Infomural.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

It was an amazing day – working collaboratively with thousands of people is a rare opportunity and we relished it!


Photo: Check us out with the Arup team!

Plus, we woke up this morning to this surprise! Take a look at Eddie on the BBC today:


If you want to read the full BBC write-up of TBD festival you can find it online at:


We join Innovate Finance at London Tech Week!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016


We just got back from scribing for Innovate Finance’s “Money Talks: VCs Take The Stage”. Reversing the usual order of things, the event had VCs making pitches to start ups rather than the other way around.

The reversal is indicative of the changing investment climate for Fintech, the fastest growing industry in the UK. Many start-ups are sceptical of Venture Capitalists and investors backed by large institutions. The nature of their business allows start-ups to get prototypes off the ground without huge investment backing. However, as the industry grows, working with a larger institution can offer its own rewards. Insight, managerial support and infrastructure are as useful to start-ups as money and VC’s are willing to offer expertise as well as capital.

As a highlight of London Tech Week, the talks made clear that banks and VCs are taking greater notice of Fintech. It’s a booming market with increased investment, at the forefront of innovation. As one of the UK’s strongest business prospects, we are sure to see Fintech start-ups grow quickly from their humble roots. We sent Jordana to scribe the output of the day through graphic recording.

If you want to learn more about London Tech Week and Innovate Finance’s talks for the week look no further: http://londontechnologyweek.co.uk/event/money-talks-vcs-take-stage/

We get hip with the kids at TedxTeen in London…

Saturday, January 16th, 2016


TEDxTeen took place in London this year at the O2. The theme was “untapped” and covered the subject of firsts – initial ideas, original innovations, first-time collaborations, and more. The event gathering together brilliant young minds for two sessions of talks that were moving as well as informative.

1MakundaAngulo-300dpiOur scribes captured content throughout the day touching upon everything from street dancing to asylum seeking in the UK. They had the pleasure of speaking to some inspiring young people during the event breaks as well. If the passionate, informed attendees of this event are our future, we’re in good hands.


Find out more about the day’s talks at:


Huddled up with Mindshare, Channel 4 and Jon Snow!

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Huddle is an amazing event that collects leading media, tech, culture, and business thought-leaders for a day of exhibitions, talks, and discussion. Hosted by Mindshare, the festival allows pioneers from different industries to connect, collaborate and share their output with the public.

We were there to help with that output, providing live graphic recording. We sat in on CHANNEL 4’s “Stories About People” panel, with Jon Snow. Tech was at the forefront of these discussions – the panel debated the role tech plays in helping uncover stories and in their telling. It was interesting to see where traditional techniques in journalism have overlapped with technological invention, and how these overlaps have developed into innovative solutions.


For more information, check out the Mindshare website:


We join WIRED 2015…

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

WIRED always proves to be a window into the future. The two day annual event collects innovators, inventors, and creatives who disrupt, change and transform our worlds in brilliant, progressive ways.

This year featured talks on everything from self-driving cars to big data. Our scribes were in the middle of the hub throughout the event capturing content throughout.


Picture: Look at Eddie go!

If you want to read more about the event and see more of Eddie’s scribing follow the link!




It gets heated at PwC’s Maximising Shareholder Value…

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

Phew! Yesterday was a scorcher. We worked in the heat to capture the hot ideas pouring out of PwC’s Question Time event in London – Maximising Shareholder Value.

The big question they posed was: “what is the purpose of business?” As with all good questions, there was no one answer but a multitude of interesting perspectives that needed capturing and connecting.

A panel of experts from different industries offered up their thoughts and we worked hard to capture the divergent and convergent threads.


If you want to read a full rundown of the event, PwC have included a detailed write up on their blog:


TED Global 2015 – In our own backyard!

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

CHpgBrRVEAAyFzO.jpg-largeTED Global is always a highlight of the year – a collection of the brightest minds from all disciplines gathered together in one place, and we get the pleasure of capturing their brilliance in scribing. This year we didn’t have far to travel: TED Global took place in our own backyard at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Throughout two sessions we worked hard to capture fascinating content – talks on climate change, imagination, addiction, social media shaming, the darknet, millennial, quantum biology, and more! We also heard some beautiful music from Alice Phoebe Lou. Her delicately beautiful songs contained strong and inspiring political messages

TED was an absolute pleasure this year and very inspiring. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has to offer!

Find out more about the event and see the speeches yourself at:



Wellington College Service Day keeps community at heart!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

We visited Wellington College the other day to capture content from their Service Day – a day dedicated to educating students about the value of community involvement.

Since we weren’t using work walls for this event, we had a bit of fun with style, playing with blocks of colour and graphic shapes. Different surfaces call for different materials so a scribe needs the versatility to adapt!