We are a hybrid strategy consultancy and design agency

We make change happen
– by design

What if you could unleash the intellect and imagination of your organisation?

Collaboration Consulting

Create better results, faster – by design

Collaboration Consulting

Create better results, faster – by design

What if you could cut through the complexity and clutter of an interconnected world?

Creative Communications

Bring ideas to life – by design

Creative Communications

Bring ideas to life – by design

What if you could create a buzz within your organisation with striking, stirring campaigns?

Games Science

Build momentum and impact – by design

Games Science

Build momentum and impact – by design

Collaboration Consulting

When organisations face challenging disruptions and strategic shifts, the level of complexity involved can quickly demand more than the existing processes and culture can handle. But outsourcing to traditional teams of traditional consultants often leads to solutions that are hard to implement in practice.

Innovation Arts brings a fresh and highly effective approach to tackling these complex problems, acting as a catalyst for the enterprise’s own resources.

Our Collaboration Consulting approaches stimulate and direct your own stakeholders’ intellect and imagination, unleashing their ‘group genius’ through application of collaborative methodologies based on Applied Design Thinking and Whole System Facilitation.

We use a multi-layer approach that acts at each level of the system – top down and bottom up – ensuring alignment and integration for sustainable results.

This means we can:

  • Deliver clarity and alignment, faster…
  • Deliver better decisions, faster…
  • Maintain agility and momentum…
  • Provide integrated support for change…

…by Design.

And all the while freeing your team from the weight of managing the programme itself, so you can benefit from the best of your own resources at each stage of the programme.

There is no ‘off the peg’ solution at Innovation Arts: everything we do is bespoke to each client and their needs, and that’s why we always start with a diagnostic scoping conversation, not a proposal. These half-day sessions typically bring half a dozen of your critical stakeholders together to dig deeper into the challenges you face, helping you articulate and align on the problem and exploring potential ways forward.

Setting Direction

Delivering clarity and alignment, faster.

Catalysing Change

Delivering better decisions, faster.

Maintaining Momentum

Maintaining agility and fitness in complex multi-project programmes.

Engaging the Organisation

Integrated support for change.

Creative Communications

In a world where attention is scarce and the amount of information we receive overwhelming, powerful communications must make an immediate impact.
Our team has a wealth of experience in structuring strategic content to deliver integrated internal communications.

We partner with you at key moments – or across the full lifecycle of a strategic programme – to define, deliver and evolve your communications at each stage of the process:

Engaging stakeholders

With the visual brief, plan, and timeline, defined and key stakeholders identified, we work with your communications team to create the overarching narrative and the assets required to raise initial awareness of your programme.

Enabling the change

When the time comes to demonstrate to your organisation that something new is coming, we help you ensure key stakeholders are consulted, aligned and equipped with the right tools to share the narrative.

Exciting the organisation

When the full extent of the story is revealed, driven by leadership, communications materials may need to evolve to reflect the change created in the organisation.

Embedding behaviours

Story-telling never stops, and building in proof points and success stories refreshes the message, maintaining focus and momentum.
Everything we do is bespoke to each client and their needs, that’s why our starting point is always a collaborative scoping conversation where we work with you to rapidly create a brief and iterate at pace to align on your messaging and look and feel.

Visual themes often contain multiple evolving narratives. At every stage of the process you can count on our expertise in using visual thinking and modelling to help you manage ambiguity, facilitate alignment, and break down complex ideas to communicate them with coherence and clarity.

Our graphic facilitators will help you choose the best and most engaging format for your messaging, ranging from presentations and infographics to training tools and websites. Our portfolio includes:

  • Animation
  • Rich Pictures
  • Graphic Recording
  • InfoMurals
  • Illustrations


A visually engaging representation of your journey


Impactful and Engaging storytelling for wide audiences

Rich Pictures

Communicating complexity in a simple and engaging way

Graphic Recording

Real-time visual synthesis

Games Science

Game play is proven to be a powerful way of engaging your people.

Our games can help you engage your wider organisation quickly and efficiently. If your workforce is sizeable or split across different regions and countries, this can be especially useful.

The games are bespoke to you so they can be used as a tool to embed your values or as a barometer for gauging employee engagement and satisfaction.

All scores and results are captured on our apps, so the data can be evaluated and used to plan future activity.

Never underestimate the power of having fun.