What Our Clients Say

Through our portfolio of services – Collaboration Consulting, Creative Communications, and Games Science – we have a consistent track record in helping organisations to navigate complexity, and drive robust strategy-making in order to create new products, new go-to-market campaigns, new strategies and even the building blocks for new peace agreements.

Listening to us tell you all about how good we are is like a comedian telling you how funny they are. We prefer to let our work and our clients do the talking for us.

Using scribing in the corporate world

Scribing is a useful tool to make sense of complex matters, explains David Christie, founder of Innovation Arts and can be used as a “decision-making tool.”

BBC World Debate

A vision for the Middle East. Nick Gowing presents a BBC World Debate exploring a vision of peace for the Middle East, using the innovative WorkSpace concept for collaborative innovation.

WEF Davos WorkSpace

Some of the highlights of our work – with our extended ‘family’, the Value Web – at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

DesignSession Client Testimonial

A Corporate Strategy Design Event we ran with the leadership of a Global Professional Services organisation in London, UK.

Some of our clients